NWO Veni – Predicting mobility limitations

Conference posters:

van der Kruk, E. & Bull, A.M.J., (2021) Movement Objectives in the Sit-to-Walk task, Dynamic Walking Conference

GIF_Dynamic Walking poster

van der Kruk, E., & Geijtenbeek, T. (2021) Predictive Neuromuscular Simulation of the Sit-to-Walk movement, Dynamic Walking Conference.

NWO Rubicon –  Predicting mobility impairments in elderly people

Journal articles:

van der Kruk, E., Silverman, A. K., Koizia, L., Reilly, P., Fertleman, M., & Bull, A. M. (2021). Age-related compensation: Neuromusculoskeletal capacity, reserve & movement objectives Journal of Biomechanics

Van der Kruk, E., Anne K. Silverman, Peter Reilly, Anthony M.J. Bull (2021). Compensation due to age-related decline in sit-to-stand and sit-to-walk  Journal of Biomechanics

Juri Taborri, Justin Keogh,  Anton Kos, Alessandro Santuz, Anton Umek, Caryn Urbanczyk, Eline van der Kruk, and Stefano Rossi. (2020). Sport Biomechanics Applications Using Inertial, Force, and EMG Sensors: A Literature Overview. Applied Bionics and Biomechanics2020.

Villatte, G., van der Kruk, E., Bhuta, A. I., Zumstein, M. A., Moor, B. K., Emery, R. J., A.M.J. Bull & Reilly, P. (2020). A biomechanical confirmation of the relationship between critical shoulder angle (CSA) and articular joint loading. Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery.

Conference posters:

van der Kruk, E., Anthony M.L. Bull, CaReMoOC: Capacity, Reserve, Movement Objectives, and Compensation. A new framework to describe mechanisms of movement limitations. International Society of Biomechanics conference 2019, Calgary, Canada.


Journal Articles:

van der Kruk, E., van der Helm, F. C. T., Veeger, H. E. J., & Schwab, A. L. (2018). Power in Sports: a literature review on the application, assumptions, and terminology of mechanical power in sport research Journal of biomechanics.

van der Kruk, E, and Marco M. Reijne (2018), Accuracy of human motion capture systems for sport applicationsEuropean journal of sport science 18.6 (2018): 806-819.

van der Kruk, E., Reijne, M. M., de Laat, B., & Veeger, D. H. E. (2018). Push-off forces in elite short-track speed skatingSports biomechanics, 1-12.

van der Kruk, E., Schwab, A. L., van der Helm, F. C. T., & Veeger, H. E. J. (2018). Getting in shape: Reconstructing three-dimensional long-track speed skating kinematics by comparing several body pose reconstruction techniques.Journal of biomechanics69, 103-112.

van der Kruk, E., Veeger, H. E. J., van der Helm, F. C. T., & Schwab, A. L. (2017). Design and verification of a simple 3D dynamic model of speed skating which mimics observed forces and motions.  Journal of biomechanics64, 93-102.

van der Kruk, E., Den Braver, O., Schwab, A. L., van der Helm, F. C., & Veeger, H. E. J. (2016).  Wireless Instrumented Klapskates for Long-Track Speed SkatingSports Engineering19(4), 273-281.

Van der Kruk, E., Schwab, A. L., Van Der Helm, F. C. T., & Veeger, H. E. J. (2016). Getting the angles straight in speed skating: a validation study on an IMU filter design to measure the lean angle of the skate on the straights.Procedia Eng147, 590-595.

Conference papers:

Van der Kruk, E., van der Helm, F. C., Schwab, A. L., & Veeger, H. E. J. (2016, November). Giving the force direction: analysis of speed skater push-off forces with respect to an inertial coordinate system In ISBS-Conference Proceedings Archive (Vol. 34, No. 1).

van der Kruk, E., Veeger, H. E. J., van der Helm, F. C. T., & Schwab, A. L. (2015). Two body dynamic model for speed skating driven by the skaters leg extension In Workshop Modelling in Endurance Sports (p. 14).

Dutch popular scientific:

Nog sneller schaatsen? Wie niet sterk is moet slim zijn!, Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Natuurkunde

Niet over 1 nacht ijs- real-time feedback voor een verbeterde schaatsprestatie, SportGericht

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